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Jewellery Shop: Catherine Jones

This is our Catherine Jones Jewellery Shop info page. We have listed the address of Catherine Jones as well as phone numbers and websites. Catherine Jones is in Cambridge, Catherine Jones offers cheap jewellery, online jewellery, gold jewellery, buy jewellery, cheap diamond jewellery in Cambridge and also any type of cheap jewellery in Cambridge. Go To: Cambridge Jewellery Shops | [Edit Text]

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Catherine Jones
9 Bridge Street
Cambridge, CB2 1UA
Phone: 01223 361596
Fax: 01223 365719

Services Offered: None Listed - [Edit]

Areas Served: None Listed - [Edit]

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Latest Reviews

* lord isted

I made a substantial spur of the moment Christmas gift purchase from this store, oh how I wish I never! I returned with the item in the original gift wrapping untouched and as new two days after making the purchase to request a refund as I had considered the purchase and decided it to be a hasty one,

To my amazement I was confronted by the most belligerent store owner I could have imagined! I was point blank refused a refund and told a credit note is all I was entitled too then bombarded with terms and conditions I was not made aware of and were not on display anywhere at the time I made my purchase nor are they printed on the receipt!

After enduring the most scripted recital of the terms and conditions for as long as humanly possible I was told I would receive a phone call the following morning after the owner had spoken to the member of staff that made the sale.

I did not receive the said phone call so returned to the shop to only be greeted with another recital of the terms and conditions and that a store credit is all I would be offered! Now this store has a very small selection none of which appealed to me.

Being recently engaged I decided to just get wedding rings which unfortunately cost another £300 on top of the credit I had, now I have no need for these currently but felt it my only option as this store was so very desperate to retain my money.

My fiancée went into the shop later in the day to again try and resolve the issue of the refund as she felt wedding rings were completely unnecessary at the current time, she was also met with the most belligerent recital of the terms and conditions with a refusal of a refund and only a store credit!

Needless to say we will not be using this store again and I implore anyone thinking to think very carefully about where you are about to spend your hard earned money as once they have it you will not get it back!

I am now in the process of disputing the purchase with my credit card, contacting trading standards and instructing my solicitor to undertake proceedings in the small claims court to reclaim my hard earned money as a store credit for a store I will never use is useless!

Dec 20, 2014

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