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Jewellery Shop: Satyan Jewellers - Diamond Room

Diamond Room is brought to you by Satyan Jewellers - a family-run business with more than 25 years of experience in jewellery retailing in the UK. Our store is located at 220 Green Street, London E7 8LE. Although the store in London was set-up in 1982, the heritage of jewellery in the founding family began much earlier in the late 19th century and has spanned three continents and five generations. It began when our forefathers started creating exquisite pieces of hand-made jewellery to order in India. Their skills and opportunity took them to Africa where they were equally successful in dazzling the locals with their creations. The same skill and expertise has been passed down the generations and Diamond Room is founded on the same passion and principles of its forefathers of design, quality and value for money. Satyan Jewellers made its name and earned its market leading position in this competitive industry by being bold and sticking to its core values. Our rich heritage has helped too. We live and breathe jewellery and wish to continue bringing to you stunning products at great prices.

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Satyan Jewellers - Diamond Room
220 Green Street
London, E7 8LE
Phone: 020 84710564
Fax: 020 85035379

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